Muhaimin: Interesting Islamic Coalition Party, but Not Realistic

Chairman of the National Awakening Party coalition Iskandar judge Islam based parties appealing , but unrealistic . According to him , the mass -based parties is currently difficult to reconcile Islam because each has its own presidential candidate .

" Interesting , just realistic, to this day there has been no specific talk ( about it ) . Each one has its own candidate , it is difficult to meet , " said Muhaimin at the Presidential Office , Jakarta , Thursday ( 17/04/2014 ) .

Minister of Manpower and Transmigration said , each Muslim-based parties have a strong enough candidate they propose . “It’s not a matter of agree or not ( a coalition of Islamic parties ) , but realistically each have a strong candidate , ” said Cak Imin , greeting Muhaimin .

Regarding the coalition , open CLA to communicate with other parties . The most intensive communication , said Muhaimin , interwoven with Joko Widodo ( Jokowi ) promoted as a presidential candidate PDI . However, both the parties have not reached the final word in the equalization steps forward .

According to Iskandar , in his talks with Jokowi , there has been no request submitted to it to assist candidates Jokowi as vice president in the next presidential election . ” There are no talks, ” said Muhaimin .

Previously , a political analyst from the Indonesian Democratic Society for Synergy ( Sigma ) , Said Salahuddin , judging that the coalition of Muslim-based political party can be a great strength and compete with the other party coalition . However, the Muslim-based political parties must be observant propose candidates for president or vice president .

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Based on a quick count survey agencies over the legislative elections , said Said , the combined acquisition support Muslim-based political parties can reach 30 percent . It was able to qualify for the presidential threshold single political party or coalition of political parties to carry the vice - presidential partner .


Projections, profit-taking Shadowing JCI movement

Composite Stock Price Index is projected overshadowed profit taking on Wednesday ( 04/16/2014 ) . Investors are waiting for the sentiment of the coalition formation process maps of political parties in the Indonesian general election participants .

The positive sentiment coming from Wall Street . Once in the early morning trade had dropped sharply 110 points, the Dow Jones Industrial Average managed to turn up . DJIA index was depressed due to a data disappoint Regional Manufacturing in New York during April which grow more slowly than previously thought.

Data Homebuilder Confidence in April also grew more slowly than the initial estimate as well as fears of a ” Civil War ” in Ukraine . DJIA index may rise driven performance delighted him issuers Coca- Cola and Johnson & Johnson .

DJIA index rose 89.32 points ( 0.55 percent ) closed at 16262.56 levels . MNC Securities Research predicted today ‘s trading will remain stagnant Indonesian -taking tend to be colored due to lack of positive sentiment .

It is unclear amid coalition that will be formed composition . In fact , the idea of ​​the formation of a coalition appeared the second volume of the central axis of the presidential election led to speculation can run two rounds .

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The possibility of uncertainty in the stock market was getting longer . JCI is estimated to range in the level of 4827-4888 . The preferred shares are BJBR , PGAS , ASII , BBRI , UNTR , LSIP , ICBP and SMGR .


Samsung Galaxy S5 Will Made burglar

Samsung Electronics will increase security for the Galaxy S5 . The Company seeks to prevent rampant theft of mobile devices by providing a free feature called Find My Mobile Lock and reactivation .

"Samsung is responding to the issue of theft very seriously . And we continue to improve the safety and anti-theft solutions , " Samsung said in a statement on Friday, April 4, 2014 .

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This new feature will allow users to track the Galaxy S5 and use the account owner information to reset the phone . Find My Mobile Features and reactivation Lock is installed by default on the phone , but the user must activate it first .

The idea of ​​the installation of this feature comes from the number of reports from users about how easy they lose the phone in New York and other major cities . Since then , attorney Eric George Gascon and trigger Schmeidermen Our Secure Smartphone Initiative coalition on a number of mobile phone manufacturers . Their company ‘s mobile security demands of thieves across the country .

" Granting that the two new feature for free is a step forward in our efforts to ensure that Samsung can reduce the number of thefts , " said Schneidermen .

Previously , Gascon and Schneidermen already talked about this idea in July last year , but the Samsung refused. However , Samsung’s decision related to the presence of these features on the Galaxy S5 will be new security innovations that the wireless industry could also provide security for consumers .


100 Villagers Kidnapped Pakistani Militants

A group of armed militants raided a village in northwest Pakistan on Saturday ( 12/4 ) yesterday and abducted about 100 male residents , the local government said .

The invaders are a group of suspected Taliban who carry out attacks on the village because its members support the government .

Initially they took forced about 100 people at a meeting in a remote tribal region of Orakzai and Khyber , which borders Afghanistan , but later repatriated 40 residents .

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Currently negotiations for the release of all hostages still in progress .

" The government does not have a representative in the area located between the Orakzai and Khyber tribal region , but we heard from locals that tribal elders were sent to the Taliban to free the villagers without reservation , " said one official who declined to be named.

Another official said law enforcement agencies sent troops to carry out search operations in the area referred to free hostages .

The Pakistani government and the Taliban is currently engaged in peace talks . The Taliban formally requested a cease-fire from March 1st to April 10th, but they are split between extend it or not .

Two factions of the Taliban are still in conflict among themselves until recently .


Cak Imin Proposed So Vice President Jokowi

The success of PKB Chairman Muhaimin Iskandar collective voice raised in the 2014 legislative elections and make collective bargaining increases . No doubt , Cak Imin began proffered to the position of Vice President companion Jokowi .

Deputy Secretary General of the DPP PKB Lukmanul Khakim asserted , a lot of support from below , both the NU and the PKB cadres supporting Jokowi Cak Imin as a vice presidential candidate . ” Many proposals were filed Cak Imin as a vice presidential candidate , ” he said in Jakarta , Saturday ( 11/4 ) .

Lukmanul added , the PDI-P and PKB have formed a lobbying communication . Neither the coalition nor the associated companion Jokowi discussing vice presidential position . ” I think Cak Imin fit to be Vice President Mr. Jokowi . Nationalist Red - Green suited to lead Indonesian Nationalist and Jokomu ( Jokowi - Muhaimin , red) so the best option , ” he said .

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Lukmanul added , PDI-P and PKB relationship that has existed since well before this coalition will facilitate occurs . ” God willing the way to bring up the name of Jokowi - Cak Imin will easily happen , ” he concluded .


LIPI Build Houses Semar bags Conservation

Or Nepenthes pitcher plants are carnivorous plants native to Indonesia . Some of the plant species in the endangered status and has a very limited distribution . Indonesian Institute of Sciences ( LIPI ) officially opened the place in the pitcher plant conservation Cibodas Botanical Garden , West Java .

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Head of the Center for Plant Conservation Cibodas Botanical Suhatman Agus said pitcher natural habitat is in the secondary forest , swamp forest , heath and forest . Forest area was easily converted into plantations or settlements , so the pitcher lost habitat .

" This is where the first pitcher collection of all botanical gardens in Indonesia , " Agus said after the inauguration which coincided with the anniversary of the Botanical Gardens Cibodas to - 162 , Friday, April 11, 2014 .

Houses conservation pitcher who pioneered since 2009 now has 48 species and 47 hybrids derived from Sumatra , Java , Sulawesi , and Papua . Some endangered species and included in the red list of the International Association for the Conservation of Nature ( IUCN ) in the collection Cibodas conservation . Among other Nepenthes villosa , iowii Nepenthes , Nepenthes aristolochiodes , and Nepenthes dubia . ” There is also a clipeata Nepenthes , pitcher who has been very rare , ” said Agus .

Mohammed Mansour , a researcher from LIPI Biology Research Center , said at the moment there are 139 species of pitcher plants have been identified . Most species of pitcher found in Vietnam , the Philippines , Thailand , and Indonesia .

" From Indonesia alone there are 64 species , or nearly half of the list of the world including six new species were discovered in the last five years , " said Mansour .


Hanura So Interpreter Lock, Fuad Bawazier Blame Hary Tanoe

Hanura bottom came in third with 5.1 percent of votes based on a quick count Compass Research . DPP Chairman Fuad Hanura Bawazier say , it misses the vote away from the initial target party , 10 percent . He criticized the performance of the Chairman of the Election Campaign ( Bappilu ) Hary Tanoesoedibjo .

"We are grateful to escape (parliamentary ) threshold . , But at the last election to be a key , now also become a caretaker . Tanoe I think the presence of Hary , who was originally full of hope , it was just so-so , " Fuad said when contacted on Thursday ( 10 / 4/2014 ) .

Fuad see Hary Tanoe not have the ability to become Chairman Bappilu due to lack of experience . For example , Fuad said that the funds provided by a witness who was not a party . According to him, it resulted in the legislative candidates ( candidates ) are not ready to present witnesses at the polls .

" So in the affairs of the technical implementation of a mess. I can tell , the presence of Hary Tanoe no impact or no benefit . Presence in Hanura HT was also not acceptable , " said Fuad .

Former Finance Minister criticized Hanura way too intense aerial attacks through advertising on television , which turned out to be ineffective . ” Going forward , we will evaluate as many massive disappointment , ” he said .

Fuad said his party has not yet determined the position of the coalition . Currently , Hanura still see the opportunities provided by the other major parties .

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In a quick count results Compass Research & Development , Hanura is in 10th position with 5.1 percent a voice . Hanura just above the Crescent Star Party and the Indonesian Justice and Unity Party ( PKPI ) . Hanura even defeated by a new party , the Party Nasdem , the 6.7 percent gain votes .


Fahri Hamzah: Jokowi and Prabowo Lost with Rhoma Irama Effect

MCC has not definitely determine the direction of the coalition until the first day after Pileg 2014 . However, MCC began to see the vote that gave rise to the political party of surprises , one who fueled Rhoma Irama CLA Effects .

" Right now deengan Prabowo lost Jokowi Effect Effect Effect and Rhoma Irama . Could - could that be president Rhoma Irama ya later , " Fahri said when contacted on Thursday ( 04/10/2014 ) .

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Fahri saw CLA experienced a surprising surge voice raised over the controversial name of The King of Dangdut it . Rhoma indeed be a candidate staying CLA , with figures caliber Mahfud MD and Jusuf Kalla .

" The most soaring perolehannnya in 2014 compared to 2009 is Gerindra , both because there is no previous NasDem , then PDIP , PKB and the fourth is , " observes Fahri review the results of the quick count Pileg 2014 spreads .

According to him , Jokowi Effect unproven impact on the vote in Pileg PDIP this . Fahri also observed , in fact spike PDIP voice can also be caused by Megawati .

" Arguably , it ( moncernya PDIP ) Jokowi effect or Megawati , " said Fahri .

Prabowo Effect assessed Fahri more efficacious than Jokowi effect . Indikasinyan Gerindra sound so significant spike in this year .

"If it’s possible NasDem media effects . , But if you want to talk influence , highest Prabowo , " said Fahri .


Prepare Phablet Series Motorola Droid?

Last October , the public is made to speculate about the latest Motorola smartphone series . At that time , there were rumors about a sequel to the Motorola DROID DROID called Quantum Ultra , but the handset is in fact never materialized . (see also: download MP3 ringtone)

Now , according to the testimony of one of the anonymous informant at Motorola , they are working on the concept of the latest Droid smartphone models are scheduled to be released in the fourth quarter of 2014.

As reported Phonearena , this smartphone will use a so-called next generation of Kevlar material , and will feature a more spacious screen ratio when compared to its predecessors .

That means that the glass on the smartphone , will eventually cover most of the front of the handset . The speaker says , that Motorola will likely do some ways to ” outsmart ” to stay comfortable roomy screen is used by the user .

One way , obviously , is to increase the size of the screen with screen protection technology that is convenient in the eyes of the user . Another way for Motorola to reduce the size of the bezel on the smartphone . Most manufacturers do both with models of their high-end smartphones . With a larger screen ratio of rumors , Motorola reportedly preparing akab 6.3 -inch diagonal screen size of phablet alias .

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But unfortunately , so far the Motorola has not given an official statement regarding the future of the Droid in the media .

source:http://www. tabloidpulsa. co. id/

Kotabaru, Yogya, So Divided Zone Five Holidays

Kotabaru , Yogyakarta , put into the cultural heritage tourist icon after Yogyakarta designated as Heritage City . For that , the area that has a lot of old -style colonial building is divided into five regions , namely interest , cultural heritage , spiritual , culinary , and struggle .

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" In each region , from early 2015 , will be built as the entrance arch marker , " said Chairman of the Institute for Urban Community Empowerment ( LPMK ) Kotabaru Sugiarto , Tuesday, March 11, 2014 .

Some attribute pointer and board documentation tourist district lines will also be installed . ” For the gate and pathway maps in five regional budget of Rp 50 million , ” said Sugiarto . To set the interest area along Jalan Ahmad Jazuli . While the heritage area includes Suroto Road , Jalan Ali Abubakar , Sabirin Road , and Jalan Supadi .

Meanwhile , spiritual tourism set contained in the Road Krasak Widoromanis tomb , where dimakamkannya Kyai Sumedang , local leaders . Specified in the tourist area of ​​struggle that became Atmosukarto Road Attack Kotabaru Monument area . Regions defined in culinary Made Nyoman Oka Road and surrounding areas . ” For this culinary region revitalisasinya prepared with a budget of Rp 4.8 billion , ” he said .

He has proposed building 58 to obtain a decision as heritage buildings this year . The plan , each owner will be visited directly . ” To be able to communicate directly with the owner , including a number of relief facilities obtained , especially regarding tax to be paid if it is a heritage building , ” he said .

Kotabaru addition , four other heritage area in the city of Yogyakarta has been determined to be the first priority of the government to realize the program Yogya Heritage City . The region covers Kotagede , palace , Pakualaman , and Malioboro .

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Head of Control and Evaluation Report of the Regional Development Planning Agency ( Bappeda ) Revelation Handoyo Yogyakarta Jogja Heritage said that the realization of the program will use its privileges . ” We had approached the management areas , such as Kotabaru and Kotagede , supporting programs that prepare the region ‘s heritage , ” he said

source:http://www. tempo .co/