Activity Center North Korean Nuclear Test Rises

South Korea is government , on Tuesday ( 04/22/2014 ) , said the activity in the center of North Korea’s nuclear test increased ahead of a visit by U.S. President Barack Obama .

South Korean military ” is currently detecting some activity around the nuclear test Punggye - ri ” , said a spokesman for South Korea’s defense ministry .

North Korea is planning to hold a ” surprise nuclear test or just pretending to hold a nuclear test , ” he said .

The trials were recently conducted in February of 2013 - has sparked a severe tensions for months on the Korean peninsula .

North Korea has conducted a nuclear test three times in the past . This trial was also conducted in 2006 and 2009 . All these trials resulted in the imposition of UN sanctions against Pyongyang .

On Monday ( 04/21/2014 ) South Korean Joint Chief of Staff to form a special task force to monitor the situation .

Multinational talks aimed at ending North Korea’s nuclear ambitions have been stalled for years .

Late last month , North Korea threatened a ” new form ” of this nuclear test . It is not known what the purpose of the ” new form ” is.

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Although Pyongyang has conducted tests on a number of nuclear devices , but it is believed they have not been able to launch a missile .


KPK : Female Got a Central Role in Combating Corruption

KPK : Female Got a Central Role in Combating Corruption
Vice Chairman of the Corruption Eradication Commission ( KPK ) Busyro Muqoddas judge that the woman has a central role in the eradication of corruption . It is based on research.

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"The conclusion of the study, the women have significant roles to change in the eradication of corruption, " said Busyro in gliding motion ‘I Female Anti-corruption ’ , in Building Commission, Tuesday, April 22, 2014 .

Busyro acknowledge that there are indeed a number of women who are entangled in corruption cases . However , he said , the numbers relatively small and can not digeneralisir .

" In general many of which still keep Authenticity . Thing is, when women get into political territory , fade down , " he asserted .

Therefore, Busyro remind the women to keep the values ​​. Because of the impact that would include prevention of the occurrence of corruption. One of them in their role as a wife .
The wife , he said, should be able to control their husbands in the work so as not to bring home money laundering proceeds of corruption. ” We imagine that events like this are not made , continue to corrupt his office , then his wife followed contaminated , ” he said. ( adi )


MCC did not hesitate to form a coalition of Islamic parties

Politicians Prosperous Justice Party ( PKS ) Hidayat Nur Wahid reiterated his party was never in doubt for the formation of a coalition of Islamic parties shaft , referring to the Muslim aspirations .

" We at MCC never hesitated to make the shaft because the Muslim aspirations . Whereas will be held or not , it later proved , " said Hidayat Nur Wahid in a discussion titled " Hesitates New Coalition " held Sindo Trijaya in point leaves , Cikini , Jakarta , on Saturday .

Hidayat said ketidakraguan it formed a coalition of Islamic parties based on statements social organizations and the Muslims who have an expectation that can accommodate a shaft formation of Islamic parties in order to nominate presidential and vice presidential itself .

" Islamic organizations aspirations that they want Islam to unite the party , giving alternative -vice presidential candidate , because the Islamic party vote totals combined reach 32 percent , " said Hidayat Nur Wahid .

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Hidayat said the meeting of Islamic leaders and politicians in Cikini , last Thursday there is no agreement what the name of the coalition of Islamic parties , but he insists the coalition is not a dichotomy group effort that one of the other groups .


BMKG : Weather Forecast Saturday Jabodetabek Today Cloudy

The weather in Jakarta and most areas surrounding predicted cloudy . The weather in this long holiday weekend even tend bright . Temperature of 24-34 ° C and humidity of 57-92 %

The Meteorology , Climatology and Geophysics ( BMKG ) menginformasikanmelalui official website , on Saturday ( 19/04/2014 ) weather in almost Jabodetabek tend bright cloudy , rain only a few places with light intensity .

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In the Thousand Islands , North Jakarta and Central Jakarta cloudy weather this morning , afternoon , and evening cloudy . While in South Jakarta , this morning cloudy , light rain during the evening cloudy .

In East Jakarta , cloudy weather in the morning , while the afternoon and evening cloudy . In West Jakarta cloudy morning , afternoon light rain and cloudy evening .

In Depok and Tangerang , cloudy weather in the morning , light rain during the night and cloudy day .
Bekasi cloudy morning , afternoon and evening cloudy . For Bogor , cloudy morning , noon and night it rained lightly cloudy .


Problem Jokowi said refusal in ITB

Problem Jokowi said refusal in ITB
Presidential candidate of the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle , Joko Widodo , consider the objections of some students of ITB against him are common . ” That would delight to me , please . Which did not like , well please . ‘s Democracy , ” said Joko Widodo Jokowi was familiarly called , Friday, April 18, 2014 .

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Yesterday , Rector of ITB invites Jokowi as Jakarta governor to sign a memorandum of cooperation development capital , continued exposure to a public lecture about Jakarta . But the demonstrations greeted the arrival Jokowi hundred students , from the entrance gate to the campus of East Hall , ITB , where public lectures .

Students were also blocked when the car entourage Jokowi will enter into the campus and shouted to return home . Students looking to ITB Jokowi arrival time of political motives ahead of presidential elections . Therefore , they refused entrance Jokowi campus .

However Jokowi with ITB Rector Akhmaloka logged in to East Hall in the backroom . ” I was invited to come . ‘s Show I’ll come to the ITB , ” he told about 300-400 students and faculty who have been waiting for .

After weighing , said Jokowi , he cancels the delivery of public lectures . ” I do not want to make a polemic here . Later crowded ( students ) are on the inside and outside , ” he said . Jokowi hope this polemic widened everywhere . Request apology greeted the audience with a disappointed tone .

Meanwhile , Vice Chancellor for Communications and Information ITB Hasanuddin Abidin Zaenal assess student demonstration to Jokowi was quite ordinary . He said the students participating in the action will not be threatened disanksi . “Once again our day demo is more excited , ” said the ITB alumni .


Muhaimin: Interesting Islamic Coalition Party, but Not Realistic

Chairman of the National Awakening Party coalition Iskandar judge Islam based parties appealing , but unrealistic . According to him , the mass -based parties is currently difficult to reconcile Islam because each has its own presidential candidate .

" Interesting , just realistic, to this day there has been no specific talk ( about it ) . Each one has its own candidate , it is difficult to meet , " said Muhaimin at the Presidential Office , Jakarta , Thursday ( 17/04/2014 ) .

Minister of Manpower and Transmigration said , each Muslim-based parties have a strong enough candidate they propose . “It’s not a matter of agree or not ( a coalition of Islamic parties ) , but realistically each have a strong candidate , ” said Cak Imin , greeting Muhaimin .

Regarding the coalition , open CLA to communicate with other parties . The most intensive communication , said Muhaimin , interwoven with Joko Widodo ( Jokowi ) promoted as a presidential candidate PDI . However, both the parties have not reached the final word in the equalization steps forward .

According to Iskandar , in his talks with Jokowi , there has been no request submitted to it to assist candidates Jokowi as vice president in the next presidential election . ” There are no talks, ” said Muhaimin .

Previously , a political analyst from the Indonesian Democratic Society for Synergy ( Sigma ) , Said Salahuddin , judging that the coalition of Muslim-based political party can be a great strength and compete with the other party coalition . However, the Muslim-based political parties must be observant propose candidates for president or vice president .

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Based on a quick count survey agencies over the legislative elections , said Said , the combined acquisition support Muslim-based political parties can reach 30 percent . It was able to qualify for the presidential threshold single political party or coalition of political parties to carry the vice - presidential partner .


Projections, profit-taking Shadowing JCI movement

Composite Stock Price Index is projected overshadowed profit taking on Wednesday ( 04/16/2014 ) . Investors are waiting for the sentiment of the coalition formation process maps of political parties in the Indonesian general election participants .

The positive sentiment coming from Wall Street . Once in the early morning trade had dropped sharply 110 points, the Dow Jones Industrial Average managed to turn up . DJIA index was depressed due to a data disappoint Regional Manufacturing in New York during April which grow more slowly than previously thought.

Data Homebuilder Confidence in April also grew more slowly than the initial estimate as well as fears of a ” Civil War ” in Ukraine . DJIA index may rise driven performance delighted him issuers Coca- Cola and Johnson & Johnson .

DJIA index rose 89.32 points ( 0.55 percent ) closed at 16262.56 levels . MNC Securities Research predicted today ‘s trading will remain stagnant Indonesian -taking tend to be colored due to lack of positive sentiment .

It is unclear amid coalition that will be formed composition . In fact , the idea of ​​the formation of a coalition appeared the second volume of the central axis of the presidential election led to speculation can run two rounds .

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The possibility of uncertainty in the stock market was getting longer . JCI is estimated to range in the level of 4827-4888 . The preferred shares are BJBR , PGAS , ASII , BBRI , UNTR , LSIP , ICBP and SMGR .


Samsung Galaxy S5 Will Made burglar

Samsung Electronics will increase security for the Galaxy S5 . The Company seeks to prevent rampant theft of mobile devices by providing a free feature called Find My Mobile Lock and reactivation .

"Samsung is responding to the issue of theft very seriously . And we continue to improve the safety and anti-theft solutions , " Samsung said in a statement on Friday, April 4, 2014 .

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This new feature will allow users to track the Galaxy S5 and use the account owner information to reset the phone . Find My Mobile Features and reactivation Lock is installed by default on the phone , but the user must activate it first .

The idea of ​​the installation of this feature comes from the number of reports from users about how easy they lose the phone in New York and other major cities . Since then , attorney Eric George Gascon and trigger Schmeidermen Our Secure Smartphone Initiative coalition on a number of mobile phone manufacturers . Their company ‘s mobile security demands of thieves across the country .

" Granting that the two new feature for free is a step forward in our efforts to ensure that Samsung can reduce the number of thefts , " said Schneidermen .

Previously , Gascon and Schneidermen already talked about this idea in July last year , but the Samsung refused. However , Samsung’s decision related to the presence of these features on the Galaxy S5 will be new security innovations that the wireless industry could also provide security for consumers .


100 Villagers Kidnapped Pakistani Militants

A group of armed militants raided a village in northwest Pakistan on Saturday ( 12/4 ) yesterday and abducted about 100 male residents , the local government said .

The invaders are a group of suspected Taliban who carry out attacks on the village because its members support the government .

Initially they took forced about 100 people at a meeting in a remote tribal region of Orakzai and Khyber , which borders Afghanistan , but later repatriated 40 residents .

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Currently negotiations for the release of all hostages still in progress .

" The government does not have a representative in the area located between the Orakzai and Khyber tribal region , but we heard from locals that tribal elders were sent to the Taliban to free the villagers without reservation , " said one official who declined to be named.

Another official said law enforcement agencies sent troops to carry out search operations in the area referred to free hostages .

The Pakistani government and the Taliban is currently engaged in peace talks . The Taliban formally requested a cease-fire from March 1st to April 10th, but they are split between extend it or not .

Two factions of the Taliban are still in conflict among themselves until recently .


Cak Imin Proposed So Vice President Jokowi

The success of PKB Chairman Muhaimin Iskandar collective voice raised in the 2014 legislative elections and make collective bargaining increases . No doubt , Cak Imin began proffered to the position of Vice President companion Jokowi .

Deputy Secretary General of the DPP PKB Lukmanul Khakim asserted , a lot of support from below , both the NU and the PKB cadres supporting Jokowi Cak Imin as a vice presidential candidate . ” Many proposals were filed Cak Imin as a vice presidential candidate , ” he said in Jakarta , Saturday ( 11/4 ) .

Lukmanul added , the PDI-P and PKB have formed a lobbying communication . Neither the coalition nor the associated companion Jokowi discussing vice presidential position . ” I think Cak Imin fit to be Vice President Mr. Jokowi . Nationalist Red - Green suited to lead Indonesian Nationalist and Jokomu ( Jokowi - Muhaimin , red) so the best option , ” he said .

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Lukmanul added , PDI-P and PKB relationship that has existed since well before this coalition will facilitate occurs . ” God willing the way to bring up the name of Jokowi - Cak Imin will easily happen , ” he concluded .