How 3D tablet Price Google?

Google, on Thursday (05/06/2014), officially announce the tablet project with the functions of capturing images three-dimensional (3D) and equipped with various sensors. The project is called Project Tango Tablets.

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3D features on this tablet is useful for indoor mapping project and other visual work, or even at a later date may be useful in the gaming industry.

The tablet will be sold for 1,024 U.S. dollars as at the end of 2014 Development Kit and Google reportedly ready to produce more than a thousand tablets, greater than 200 smart phone smartphone Tango Project.

"Development Kit is designed for professional developers who are interested in exploring the future of 3D image capture from the mobile devices," Google wrote, as quoted by The Verge.

Google partnered with Nvidia to make this tablet. He was provided with K1 Tegra processor, 4GB of RAM, 4G of internal memory, 7-inch screen, and 4G LTE features.

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Of course, Google equip high specification camera components and a number of sophisticated sensors that allow the tablet to distinguish the orientation and motion.


Scientists Discover Planet Earth Godzilla

Scientists Discover Planet Earth Godzilla

Harvard Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics announced along with two researchers have discovered a planet that is very amazing . The discovery of a planet made ​​on June 2 and is referred to as ” Godzilla of Earth ” .

The planet is named Kepler - 10c , is located in the constellation Draco , at a distance of about 560 light years of the earth emergency , according to the Harvard - Smithsonian .

This planet has a pretty impressive size in diameter that is approximately 18,000 miles. Kepler also said to have weighed 17 times heavier than Earth because it is almost a whole is rock .

In the official website pages Harvard - Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics , explanations are contrary to the initial assumption that says that this will be an interesting celestial objects and become hydrogen gas like Jupiter because of its size and weight.

Super Planet Earth , another name of the planet , in fact has been discovered by astronomers for a long time . In addition , because of the size and weight are impressive astronomers have documented the planet , are more likely to agree named as Mega Earth .

" We were very surprised when we realize what we have found , " said Xavier Dumusque astronomer with the Harvard - Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics .pengecoran almunium

Other researchers Dimitar Sasselov says that these planets like Godzilla from Earth . ” But unlike in the movie , this discovery has positive implications for life , ” said the director of the Harvard Origins of Life Initiative , as quoted by Softpedia , Tuesday ( 06/03/2014 ) .


Candidates Minister Slank Options: Old-Young, There is Lecturer and General

Although the presidential election period of 2014-2019 has not been implemented , the music group Slank already feel confident that presidential candidate Joko Widodo or Jokowi will be RI - 1 . It is shown Slank when they recommend the names of candidates who will fill cabinet minister if elected president Jokowi . Who are these names ?

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" Ha - ha - ha … Right before Mr. Jokowi say baseball should be know . All figures that we know also from you guys ( reporters ) really , " said drummer Slank , Bimbim , when receiving a friendship visit to the headquarters Jokowi Slank in Gang Potlot III , Kalibata , South Jakarta , Tuesday ( 27/05/2014 ) .

Other personnel of Slank , Kaka ( vocals ) , Abdee State ( guitar ) , Ridho Hafiedz ( guitar ) , and Ivanka ( bass ) , also keep the names of the ministers hero . They only convey traits figure they recommend to be minister to Jokowi .

" Old - young . Someone very old , the very young there . There lecturers , there are former generals . And that we recommend , " said ministerial candidate criteria Bimbim about it .

Bimbim say , they are pretty decent option to help Jokowi in his tenure if elected president later Indonesian 7th . “These unscrupulous people statesmen to help Mr. Jokowi later , ” said Bimbim .


Containing DNA Pig, Cleric Calls for Boycott Malaysia Cadbury products

Muslims in Malaysia are asked to boycott all products of Cadbury Confectionery Malaysia Sdn Bhd after the two products were found to contain pig DNA .
Secretary General of the Malaysian Ulama Association ( PUM ) Prof Madya Mohd Roslan Mohd Nor said the boycott was necessary to ensure the company is more sensitive and respectful of Muslims in Malaysia .
Boycott action against all Cadbury products was done until the company can provide guarantees that not only these two products , but all products are free from pig DNA .

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" PUM want Muslims to boycott all products of Cadbury as an instruction to the company , " he said as quoted by local media in Kuala Lumpur , Monday ( 05/26/2014 ) .
" It also forms a stark warning to companies other food producers who do not comply with halal production process , " he said .

Previously reported results of the analysis of the Ministry of Health showed that two Cadbury products Cadbury Dairy Milk and Cadbury Dairy Milk Hazelnut Roast Almonds contain pig DNA .
Users unity Islam Malaysia ( PPIM ) Position urged Islamic Advancement of Malaysia ( Jakim ) to attract the halal certificate for all Cadbury products on the market .
While Chairman of the Volunteer Lawyers ( Sukaguam ) Datuk Khairul Anwar Rahmat said the Muslim consumer can take legal action against the company Cadbury following its invention .

According to him , the case is very huge impact for Muslim consumers because it is an issue of halal and haram .


PPP Need Change SDA

Political observers of Indo Barometer, Muhammad Qodari assess the PPP should take steps after its chairperson, Suryadharma Ali declared a suspect by the KPK.

According to him, the PPP should discuss measures to strengthen the internal consolidation of the party. One of the things that can be done is to change the position of chairman. In fact, it would be wise if the SDA took the initiative to resign from his position in the party.

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"The most neutral option is if the SDA himself resigned and handed over the reins of leadership to another character in the PPP," he said.

Commission set Religious Affairs Minister Suryadharma Ali as a suspect related to the procurement of goods and services in the Ministry of Religious Affairs Hajj fiscal year 2012-2013.

Suryadharma Ali allegedly committed an unlawful act and or abuse of authority related to the implementation of the Ministry of Religious Affairs Hajj in fiscal year 2012-2013. As a result of these actions, the state allegedly suffered a loss by a certain amount.


Jusuf Kalla yet complete 7 Requirements Document Commission

Commissioner of the General Election Commission said Hadar Nafis Gumay , until recently vice president Jusuf Kalla still have not completed the required documents specified seven KPU . Four of them are already legalized copies of diplomas , certificates of good conduct from the police , a copy of identity card and proof of assets reporting of the Commission . ” Mr. JK still lacking seven documents . Thing I remember that it was four , ” Hadar said when met at the Gatot Subroto Army Hospital , Jakarta , Thursday ( 05/22/2014 ) .

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For proof of the wealth of the Commission report , Hadar said , the two pairs of vice - presidential candidate is still no surrender to the Commission . Besides about personal documents, documents of political parties and coalitions of political parties is still not complete .

All parties bearers today , Hadar said , still not submitted the certificate documents the establishment of political parties and political party management certificate . Commission will publicly clarify the completeness of this document to be completed no later than May 27, 2014 .

Responding still many documents is still incomplete , Hadar impression reveals that no delay on the part of political parties and private -vice presidential candidate . ” But , if there is an intention to procrastinate , it is their loss ,” said Hadar .


JK Trust Barn Sound NU to PKB

Vice President Jusuf Kalla (JK) entrusted barn NU sound in a number of areas to PKB. As a party that has a victory in densely populated areas, efforts to secure a voice in the area are considered important.

JK said, to win the presidential election, a move greeted people directly to help the process of winning the future. According to him, not just speech remotely to convince the public, but also come to them.

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"The area that can be secured among PKB East Java, Lampung and a number of other areas which become sound NU barn," said JK told Reuters after delivering the closing direction NU cadres and functionaries in the DPP PKB, Tuesday (20/5).

He added that it is also ready to greet the people around the area. But it is not the time right now, to avoid potential breaches of the election campaign. How does the concept offers, JK own secret, landing it.


Ical Agree So candidates for Baseball Wants Tekor

Golkar Party senior politician , Zainal Bintang, say , or Ical Bakrie hopes to run for president because they do not want their efforts so far foundered granted. Moreover , according to him , Bakrie has spent a lot of money .

" Ical not want his money was gone but baseball is doing anything , " said Zainal , when contacted on Saturday ( 17/05/2014 ) .

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Therefore , he continued , Ical approved discourse coalition with the Democratic Party , which brought him as a candidate . This discourse will be one of the discussion in the National Leadership Meeting ( Rapimnas ) Golkar Party which will take place on Sunday ( 05/18/2014 ) in Jakarta .

" Ical agree ( brought to rapimnas ) . Who would want to work on pestle ( pestle ) so the rice , but the rice is lost ? Ical not want to come up short , " he said .

Zainal said , there are two reasons why Ical approved discourse coalition with the Democrats brought to rapimnas . The first reason is the lead the implementation of the presidential election in two rounds by forming a three axis . Second , do not want to mandate pencapresannya Ical disappear.

According to Zainal , Ical acknowledges and agrees discourse coalition with Democratic Vice Chairman of Golkar Party Laksono . General entry in the Team 6 with MS Hidayat and Idrus Marham representing Golkar , and Syarif Hasan , Wacik and Edhie Baskoro Yudhoyono representing Democrats . The team is tasked to finalize the discourse coalition .

As reported , the Golkar Party and the Democratic Party plans to form a new axis to face the 2014 presidential election . MS Hidayat said, the presidential candidate and his running mate pairs are Ical and Pramod Edhie ( read : Golkar - Democrats Make New Axle , Pramod Edhie Vice President ) .

Meanwhile , on a separate occasion , Chief Executive of the Democrat Party Syarif Hasan stated , the Democrat Party wants the Minister of Industry MS Hidayat nominated as presidential candidate


What Key Considerations Choosing Smartphones?

Unlike the days when a simple feature phones are still popular , today’s prospective smartphone buyers must consider many aspects , ranging from hardware , platform , application options are available to . However , what is most decisive factor ?

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Perhaps many thought that the operating system becomes a major consideration for prospective smartphone buyers .

However , according to research agency IDC survey cited by BGR , it was not the type of operating system being petentu number one in the eyes of consumers , but rather the capacity or battery life .

The IDC survey involved 50,000 respondents of the online users of Android devices , iOS , and Windows Phone is spread over 25 countries .

The percentage of Android users who see the battery as determinants smartphone buying decisions reached 56 percent , while the figure for iOS and Windows Phone users respectively in the range of 49 percent and 53 percent .

The second most decisive factor influencing the decision to buy a smartphone , according to IDC ‘s survey , is ease of use . Afterwards, enter the type of operating system in the third.

Another aspect worth mentioning is the size of the screen , which was fifth . While the factor of the brand or the brand of choice is in the sixth position .

Arguably turns the camera resolution is not too attract buyers and ranks second from bottom of the 10 determinants decision to buy a smartphone , according to the survey .


345 Residents Affected by Chikungunya outbreaks Set Semarang Health Office

Chikungunya disease affects people in almost all districts in Semarang . Semarang District Health Office also establishes the event as an Extraordinary Events ( KLB ) .

Based on data from Semarang District Health Office , the number of chikungunya patients by April 2014 reached 345 people . The number does not include patients who did not undergo treatment .

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Chief Medical Officer drg Gunadi said , chikungunya disease is a disease that comes from alphaviruses that enter the body through the bite of the mosquito Aedes albopictus . People suffering from chikungunya typically experience symptoms of headache , joint pain , and often times his body heat so that the patient will experience pain that causes disruption of activity .

" Total patients as of April saw 345 people from the number of patients and its rapid spread , this could’ve called the outbreak chingkungunya . Most urban as Unggaran , Ambarawa , and Banyubiru . That’s because the population density and high mobility , "said Gunadi , Friday ( 02/05/2014 ) afternoon .

Efforts have been taken to anticipate the spread of this disease by mosquito nest eradication ( PSN ) and a clean and healthy lifestyle behaviors ( PHBs ) . In addition , the anticipation of mosquito bites by using topical medication on the skin .

" The demand is quite high fogging , per day can be up to 3 times fogging . But it’s actually less effective fogging . Effective is the PSN and PHBs . In addition , we also ask people anticipate using topical oil or lemongrass leaves use to prevent bites . If it is exposed , immediately taken to the doctor , health center or hospital , " said Gunadi .